Our unschooling table

Well, really it is our dining table. Yet, as part of the centrepiece, with our missal ( open at the Litany of Saints for All Saints), our little statues and rosary beads ( also for All Saints), well, with all this, we have strewn some books on Monet.

The Art Gallery has a Monet Exhibition and we are planning on going to see Monet’s art. In. Real. Life.

Probably with some families from homeschool French class. It fits, doesn’t it?

Anthony has already started looking through and reading some of these this morning, while eating Cheerios for breakfast…
Gotta love unschooling!


2 thoughts on “Our unschooling table”

  1. I’ve loved that about the UK. Seeing in real life the paintings I’ve admired on the internet, in prints and in books for year. The original of the famous Waterlilies, Burne-Jones, Rossetti…it’s fantastic!

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