Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout Me…

Who sang that song? Not sure. But it ran through my mind today..
There was a really embarrassing situation at homeschool ice skating . Several of us were sitting at a long conglomeration of tables, talking while kids were skating. Talking in small groups, or in twos and threes. I was perusing another mum’s book on organisation for homeschooling mothers when I overheard a conversation.
Two of the ladies were talking about me. I presume they thought I couldn’t hear. I heard bits about the clothes I wear and the things I say. Not favourable bits.
Hey, here is what I wore today, to mass, to skating, to grocery shopping..Not so weird or immodest….
Anyway, I heard only snippets. I tried not to listen. The ladies concluded that I had different values to their values. Again in a not favourable way.
Oh dear. Oh well.
You can’t please everyone all the time, can you? And if you are friendly, talk to everyone and anyone, an extrovert and one who organises homeschool events, you tend to be a litle more out there than most. And thus more open to criticism.
I tried not to eavesdrop. I pretended I hadn’t heard those snippets that I did hear. I read my book. I talked to a new homeschooler and later to my closer friends.
And talked to the kids tonight about gossip and judging others. Turning this experience into a learning experience.
For us all.

21 thoughts on “Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout Me…”

  1. Forget the learning experience. Point out who these people are and Chris and I will go and beat them up. How dare they say that about our friend. You are wonderful and I love you to bits.

  2. I can’t believe they were unwise enough to talk about somebody when that close!The lesson is to make sure the person you’re bagging has their back fully turned 🙂

  3. I wish I could say I am shocked, but sadly I am not. What a great opportunity for prayer. I will pray you don;t allow this to steal your peace and individuality. You are a treasure to me!!! I wish I lived over the sea and could tell you in person how much you bless little people like me all the way over here in the USA!

  4. Like Molly, I’m not surprised. Saddened by the act…shocked that, as Greg jokingly (?) said, they did it THAT close, but not surprised.hey were these ladies younger women? I think as we get older and live longer, we become a lot more comfortable ‘in our own skin’. We realise and embrace our freedom in Christ and not that our Christianity is not so much about us and what we wear but about *Him*.I’m sorry that you had to go through the whole thing. Yuck, yucky, yucky! It still hurts, even when we realise those things.Time…time has a way of proving all things. :)LoveyaSusan

  5. Hey aren’t we supposed to be Homeschoolers…the people who actually take the time to embrace ‘the individual’ for all they are worth’…What happened?I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through that Leonie! There’s only one word to describe that kind of attitude and its ‘pathetic’!My mom used to say something really important to me (actually, she said a lot of important things..but I’ll share this one..), and I pass it on to you Leonie : You will never be able to please everyone and as long as you do and act in ways that you are not hurting your fellow man or offending God then be who you are and be proud of it, because if you seek others approvals, you will never be anyone, what one likes the other hates…but you are YOU and you will find out who to call friends and who to be weary of!We love you Leonie! Every component of your wonderful character and personality…otherwise you wouldn’t be Leonie as I would not be Julie !P.S. I’m with the Chris S and Chris M…give us names and we’ll take care of the rest…….

  6. Oh Leonie, that’s so hurtful and rude. Why do we act as if everyone has to be just like us anyways?One of the most conservative friends I have is also one of the most gracious in accepting that others don’t have to have her convictions. I really admire that about her and it is so freeing to know that I can be myself (if I let myself!).I’m having a little fantasy about overhearing them and going up and confronting them. You should see them see the error of their ways and abjectly apologize!Pam

  7. That’s horrible, Leonie.Remembering my own younger days, I think I judged more critically when I was more insecure. (I don’t think I’d have been silly enough to actually talk in range or out of it, though). Those ladies probably need to “get a life” as we say over here. Just keep giving them a good example!

  8. Hi Leonie,Kinda off topic to your post but what do you think about a wii fit for the homeschool child?Bizarre question, I know but I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.susan

  9. Lovely comments – thanks guys. Cbris M – wow, to see you here! Susan, the ladies were about my age – so our age does’t make us immune. I’m definitely gonna watch my tongue from now on! We like Wii fit – I don’t use it much cos I prefer my other workouts but it has a good balance of activites, can help you plan a programme and shows BMI etc. And the kids like that its associted with the Wii. I also like Wii Sport – the boxing in particular is very energetic and you feel like you are getting a workout.

  10. Well, Leonie, I just remember how you totally cracked me up one day when you were defending your dear Sex Pistols! I must have made a somewhat derogatory remark (I can’t imagine what because I actually don’t know much about them) and you said, “Oh no. I have to defend my poor Sex Pistols.”Well, for a lady who attended the Latin Mass with a head-covering (mantilla?) I must say that was delightfully unexpected! I actually enjoy it when people jump out of the pigeon-hole we (unconsciously) put them in.If you must change, let the Lord do it, not anyone else. So many people just love you for who you are.

  11. Things are generally good (although I have been feeling a bit cross because Nick has been a bit sick this week and he is cross! LOL!)Anyway, we have moved back to our dear Tassie and are enjoying life here (been back for a year).The kids are all well, thanks.

  12. Hey Leonie, this entry has really stirred a lot of people, and I have enjoyed the comments.. I just hope those ladies realise that people in glass houses…. it’s only in being true to yourself that you can be true to God, and hence lead others to Him! BLV

  13. I say forget ’em Leonie, they are not worthy of your company…silly short sighted people….and that’s the nicer of the comments that were rolling around in my head while I read your post!Go for it girl friend….life is far too short to worry about it!!Bless yaxxLisa

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