A Few of Our Morning Things…

Anthony’s lego creations, all over the sitting room…

The same sitting room, now tidy, with teaset out, for the Women’s Group this evening. Got everything neat before work this afternoon…

The THINK Challenge ~ Place the following materials on the table: 12 straws 30 cm of tape scissors (these may not be used in the solution) an egg (raw or hard-boiled although raw is more fun). The challenge is to build a structure that will support the egg and keep it at least 3 cm above the surface of the table. You may not tape anything to the table or the egg. You may not use any materials besides those listed above.
Me ~ in the kitchen, organising a litany of things-to-do before we leave for work and after a typically busy morning..Thomas snapped the pic – bossy Mum in action!


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