Lisa’s Report Card

..for Deliberate Family Living…Want to participate? Just visit her blog for details.

Family Prayers Woo Hoo! Said the full rosary; trying to remember to pray a novena as a family..Goal – be more consistent with the Angelus.

Family Time: Pretty good – lots of hanging out time, some talking together, Singstar, DVDs, laughing. Not much family reading together but, hey, you can’t have everything! Goal – smile.

Household Routines: We’ve had numerous visitors ( pretty usual for us) and a rental house inpspection so we’ve done a lot of tidying up and cleaning this week. Even Thomas and Anthony’s room! We’ve worked well together, only one rant from me when rushed. Goal encourage T and A to keep their room reasonable. Is it possible?

Meal Preparation: Simple meals as usual but mostly healthy. Eggs, Satay sticks. Rice casserole and pumpkin soup and cake for visitors and leftovers for us. Vegetable Fried Rice. Takeaway Sunday night and Subway lunch Thursday. . Goal – cook more and use what is on hand.

Other: Been talking more to the kids about my childhood – sometimes this is good, sometimes dredging up the past is bad….We are continuing to celebrate the liturgical year together …Dh and I have had time to sit ….We all worked at the parish working bee and 25th celebration and had a super time!…If I could change one thing, what would that be? Maybe I’d like to live more mindfully – I get busy, forget to be in the moment and to just savour the all goes so fast. Goal – be present. Truly. Wholly. Physically and emotionally and mentally. People first. [ A tall order! ]
Thanks, Lisa, for the chance to reflect. Anyone else want to play?


3 thoughts on “Lisa’s Report Card”

  1. I totally humiliated myself on Lisa’s blog as I entered my name without the URL and then I couldn’t go back. Good grief. Now I have Christine Shaw written without any link and Chris with the report linked. How embarrassing. Anyway….Lisa is terrific as she is so open. She likes such great movies and I love her taste in music Steve Curtis Chapman and Mercy Me are great musicians. She plans menus just like I do and she is a Librarian. Lisa attended an Evening in Avonlea ( I love anything to do with Anne of Green Gables). I wonder what they did throughout the evening? As Anne would say I feel like we are kindred spirits.

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