The Korean Martyrs

We read about the Korean Martyrs.

The Korean Martyrs were the victims of religious persecution against the Roman Catholic Church during the 19th century in Korea. At least 8,000 adherents to the faith were known to have been killed during this persecution, 103 of whom were canonized en masse in 1984.

I made Korean Beef . Yum! This recipe is a keeper.

And I had a very relaxing day. Met a friend for breakfast ( fruit and nut bread) at Borders. Did some shopping, had my nails done ( mauve/purple). Met dh for lunch (lentil soup) at Coffee Club. Had a woman at the nail salon make a pass at my dh. Truly!

Then home for a workout, housework, laundry. Put up some posters at church. Thought about going to Confession, but didn’t. Had a cup of tea with friends. Watched Alias.

Do you think my life revolves around food, conversation, workouts, DVDs? Sometimes I think it does..Well, I do homeschool, too, and work for Kumon and do volunteer stuff for homeschooling/Kumon/our parish.

Really. I do.

It is not all about food and talking and being social!


9 thoughts on “The Korean Martyrs”

  1. I think leather pants would suit Dad’s personality so well too…though I have to confess the picture of him wearing them hadn’t entered my mind until this moment… 🙂

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