Hair Today/St Ignatius of Loyola Tomorrow

Still not sure of my haircut – this is how it looked today, on a very busy day…Up early, workout, tidy up, leave early with the kids to go to my Kumon centre then the hour plus drive in peak hour traffic on the M2 to Kumon head office. I was in meetings all day – with some not very nice sushi for lunch! The kids went to the library, Borders, Games Workshop, bought some new jumpers, saw a Chinese movie with Jackie Chan, had lunch out…As Anthony said to some one,”When mum is at work we spend the money she makes!” lol! A truly fun school day for them. But, frak, no religion reading two Wednesdays in a row. Guilt. Winner of Bad Catholic homeschooling mum award..:-)

Home to deliver junk mail in the dusk, then dh came home from Newcastle – he’s been away for work. A friend’s son came over and I helped him with his uni assignments so it was pizza for dinner, with Get Smart, Battlestar Galactica, reading about St Ignatius of Loyola and reading from Acts about St Paul, for the year of St Paul. And catching up with my homeschool log.

Have printed out the Litany of St Ignatius, his prayer of surrender and prayer for generosity for tomorrow, his Feast Day, from the Catholic Culture website. And read about a Book of Jesuit Breadmaking – maybe we can make some bread tomorrow? I don’t know, I’m pretty tired and have a sore throat yet have another busy day ahead, then a Homeschool Teen Group Make Your Own Pizzas at our house on Friday, after First Friday morning Mass…But baking bread is fun!


9 thoughts on “Hair Today/St Ignatius of Loyola Tomorrow”

  1. You be careful of yourself- there are some ghastly things atm. I’ve just been sick (really sick) for an unheard of 2 weeks and that was with popping everything homeopathic I could think of.Love Pamwill email

  2. HI Leonie-I like your hair both ways…. and with the shorter cut, my favorite pic is the one where you have the bands kind of swept back. That looks more loose, and free, which is what I think of when I think of you! Maybe you don’t see yourself in a ‘tailored’ cut which is what this hairstyle can be when it is all combed and in place. See? I am psychoanalizing your haircut! lolBut, it is fun to change, isn’t it? I do like the color, too. Neat that you do change and try new things! I got a horrible haircut last time. The hairdresser had had a bad day and was in a really bad mood. I should have run but I sat there. I say it was horrible because I was not ready to go short.. (though I do like short hair and wear it often) and she did short. Also she left tails stickint out everyhere nad it was flat in front. Now I do NOT have the face that can handle any old cut.. I need help! lolSo, I trimmed it myself at home to add some bounce and am just letting it grow..But the colour came out great!Oh the things men don’t have to think about… they just shave and go to the barber every other month… :0

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