New hair

I went for a short cut and a darker colour…Not sure if I like it but, hey, my hair grows fast and colour easily grows out/washes out…Dh likes short hair and thin women……And everyone needs a change now and then…

BTW, the nearcircle widget for Unschooling Catholcis is not working. I’ve tried everything I can think of, including contacting nearcircle, with no luck. All our members can’t get updates on blogs and live feeds. If you have any tips, let me know….

8 thoughts on “New hair”

  1. Love the new haircut! I think it’s totally awesome. Will probably grow on you too (no pun intended, though I just realised that was an awful one!), I always am very unsure about new haircuts. And of course, disregarding your last post, the rest of the world must experience reality in the same way that I do… 🙂

  2. I love the new ‘do! Very nice and it looks very comfy and easy to mess with ….Blessings for some relaxation after all your busyness the past couple of weeks.

  3. Oh, Leonie, I love it!Very cute and very sassy and very easy to manage. :)As far as the nearcircle, the Tidal Schooling one is never working either. I think they need to do an overhaul.

  4. Greg – no Gary Gilmore eyes?? lol! BTW have decided I hate my new haircut – looks like I am an old lady who has given up trying. So pray it grows out soon! Cay and Mary – thanks for kind thoughts…And good to know that it is not just UC that is having probs with nearcircle!

  5. Well, you do look more demure…I think when you’re talking and animated (you know how you can get like that once a week or so…) you will lift that haircut into a new realm.I like it. And the colour. Living vicariously,Pam

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