World Youth Day – More Day Two. Darling Harbour. Vocations Expo.

The energy, the colour, the enthusiasm, the spirit at Darling Harbour and Barangaroo is impressive. As is the Vocations Expo – very inspiring to see priests and religious in clerical dress, in full habit welcoming pilgrims and visitors.

Each time, we and other visitors passed priests we said “Hello Father.” With us was one of the kid’s friends, a boy from Hillsong, an Aassemblies of God church. He was impressed by the Vocations Expo, by people’s respect of priests, asked ‘Are priests like heroes?”

What was also impressive was the whole floor, near the Expo, dedicated to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and for Reconciliation.

We had coffee with Fr B., one of the friars from our parish. It was the anniversary of his ordination day. Happy Ordination Day, Fr!

And we had a visiting priest, from Western Australia, with us for dinner. It had recently been Fr M.’s birthday so we had a black forest cake and sang Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Fr. M.!


5 thoughts on “World Youth Day – More Day Two. Darling Harbour. Vocations Expo.”

  1. LOVE the pink ball caps!Hope you’re having fun and keeping all in our prayers on this side of the world!Read what my former Archbishop (Chaput) told the youth — how beautiful was that!

  2. Awesome to see Fr M again, even if only in digital photo. I can’t believe that he hasn’t changed in the nearly twelve or so years I’ve known him!Here I am getting old, furrows on my brow and bags under my eyes, while he looks exactly the same!

  3. Oh Leonie, I met Fr M for the first time last month at a funeral and then the next day at a private Mass at a friend’s home, then again at Lewisham on Sunday (20th) and now I see him here!It looks as though you and your family have had a great, unforgettable time – we got down in the end as well, didn’t stay long, but LOVED IT!

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