World Youth Day – Day One and Opening Mass

Btw, our Iraqi seminarians are delayed but still trying to get here. Right now, we have a lovely young Hungarian couple staying with us. and I was running around last night, after the Mass, helping the pilgrims get home here to Kellyville. Lost or lost their host families’ contact details.
In his homily, Cardinal Pell reminded the pilgrims that, in the midst of their enthusiasm, they must not forget to to Stop. Listen. Pray. Something for me to remember.

And he reminded us of the virtue of self control.

The atmosphere around us at the Mass was very prayerful. Super to see. Super just to be there!

We had weather extremes. Very sunny, very hot at lunch time – I got a little sunburned on my face so ended up buying a WYD baseball cap. For me and Anthony. Both pink. Then, during the evening Mass at Barangaroo, it was freezing. Cold. And I mean freezing.

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