School for today…

…writing their novels on laptops.

Literature and technology?

4 thoughts on “School for today…”

  1. The laptops are a great idea! And yes, you could definatly tick off technology in the box…..and typing, literature, creative writing, and a lot more if you have time to think about it.

  2. Oh yeah! My ds runs a forum, about designing maps and coding. He’s been reading and teaching himself PHP and Perl all from the computer!!!!!We don’t have laptops but every child has their own computer. The boys are set up in their little nook, next to my desk (although my laptop wanders around the house) and the kitchen.Aside from design, coding, technology, online interaction, self directed learning and keyboarding skills I could easily think up other KLA’s, if I had to- which I don’t, so I’m happy.Cheers,Susan <

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