Trinity Cake

Made this Apple Teacake for Trinity Sunday.


Well, the three rings of apple slices on the cake represent the three-persons-in-one- God of the Holy Trinity.

Okay, a rather tenuous connection, but it worked for us.

Actually, I baked three cakes. One for eating yesterday and two for the freezer for unexpected visitors. Or just for us.

I feel such a warm glow, I feel like I am a wonderful, organised housewife, baking and storing food for my family. Especially after surgery!

Just call me Modern Homemaker, please.

5 thoughts on “Trinity Cake”

  1. Thanks fellow Modern Homemakers! šŸ™‚ Actually, I think I overdid it. I am exhausted today! And yesterday was my first day back at work, where I stand for over 4 hours. Resting today…

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