You know are an addict when…..

You are on medical rest and can’t workout, so you watch workout video clips at Collage Video…..

You get the okay to walk from your doctor, so straight away head off for a 30 minute walk in the sunshine ~ come back tired but on a high……

You buy workout equipment with DVDs as treat for yourself, even though the doctor says you have to wait another six weeks before working out….

You hate wearing the compulsory post surgery bodysuit but are rapt when, wearing the suit, you get on the scales and see you weigh 5 kg less than you did before surgery…..

Yep, that is me. My dh sent me a text in response, only part of whch I can quote here – ” you are psycho!”.

He loves me. 🙂


4 thoughts on “You know are an addict when…..”

  1. DITTO!I would be thinking/saying/doing all the same things! lolAnd you have a goal.. you have hope, you have a reward at the end of your recovery… it will get here, but must seem so slow..I think it is great to watch the clips.. keep you revved up.. !

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