Internet friends are real friends!

In case you ever wondered…

I received this lovely gift in the post today, from two internet friends in Texas ~ you know who you are!

A Rosary bracelet. A Get Well soon gift and accompanying card.


I love my Internet friends..

9 thoughts on “Internet friends are real friends!”

  1. Yes – very special, Cindy! Like you :-)The bracelet does coil on my arm, quite lovely really. And, Wendy, sad but true – your dh SO doesn’t get it! lol!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that you have been in my prayers. I am glad, based on what you have written, that you are slowly but surely on the mend. Many prayers coming your way. What a great present they sent you.Oh, I will have you know that I am getting hooked on my walks. Something I didn’t see coming. Having a Nano has really helped. I have been listening to Muse (of course) and lots of Radiohead. I feel totally psyched when I get home. Who knew!?!

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