Parish Mission

Our parish has had, is still having a Mission this week.

With a priest from the Fathers of Mercy.

What is a Mission? The purpose of a mission is to assist the priest in his ministry by conferences, administration of the sacraments, and preaching the Word of God to the people of the parish. The mission seeks to “inflame all the members of the parish with the Infinite Love of Almighty God, and to call them to receive the Merciful Love of the Heart of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

I have found the mission to be helpful for me, spiritually – a great week before my surgery next week.

I hope it has been good for my dh and kids, too – we have discussed many different aspects of the mission and of the talks, this week, that’s for sure.

Not as much formal work as usual – a Catholic filled unschool this week, and lots of friends over too!

But then, again, not a lot of formal work is our norm….

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