Homeschooling as Housework

Last night we talked about our unschooling, how we mostly just have an atmosphere of learning yet we still do some formal work in parts, and our bits and pieces of formal work.

Thomas has been reading, in an ad hoc fashion, a Chemistry textbook. I had talked with him earlier, about exposure to these topics and ideas, and to “textbook use”.

The book is as dry as stale toast. Truthfully.

We have been doing occasional experiments, to enhance the concepts presented. And last night I ordered a kitchen lab manual, with things that Thomas said sound like fun. From Castle Heights Press.

Anthony has been weaving his way through parts of a Prince Caspian unit study. We talked about some geography study in May, study Anthony’s way ( What?!), choosing countries to rabbit trail, using ideas from this blog post ~Around the World with Our Lady.

Alexander is working on his Italian at uni, and then trying to find time to do some maths, some Latin, some Physics. some religion reading. Well. the others try to squash in maths, French, religion, Latin, and writing their novels, too!.

I like how we have our life, how we read and learn and talk all the time and how we supplement this with formal work – and how any formal work gets squeezed into life – not the other way around. Formal work doesn’t run our life, it is just a thing to push in here and shove in there – a bit like housework really!

Everything gets done, just at odd moments and odd times. I may mop the floor at 11.00 pm, as I did last night, and the kids may do some Maths and religion reading in the car, on the way to ice skating…

Or not!

5 thoughts on “Homeschooling as Housework”

  1. Somehow I came upon your blog…I was googling Classical Unschooling and hoping, praying that there were other s out there who enjoy Classical lessons, but don’t see the need to follow everything so to the key.

  2. Hi~ I’ve had a few posts on classical unschooling. I like some of the ideas of The Latin Centred Curriculum. Wanna join our near circle?

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