What would you do?

Kumon-wise, that is. Work-wise.
My part time job/business keeps on growing. It’s a bit like Topsy!
Last week, I won an award at Kumon, for excellence in my Kumon centre ($500! Woohoo!).
I have also been invited to go to Japan for a Kumon Conference ( 5o years of Kumon ) in December. Around the Feast of St Nicholas – December 6. For a few days or a week…
But I am totally unsure about leaving the family for such a thing. I mean, my main life is my vocation , then all my other stuff.
Should I stay or should I go ( as the Clash sing).
Kumon has also asked me to consider opening another centre. Nearby, soon-ish. This means I would start a new Centre from scratch and hopefully build up student numbers, helping children with maths and English and what we call life skills – commitment, independence, perseverance, time management, study skills…
So, I would run two Kumon centres. Eventually more money – good for old age, at retirement. But is the cost of time worth it?
I am a pretty high energy person, I guess, and, quite frankly, at the moment I do not feel that all the extra things I do, my work and all my volunteer stuff, detract from my main vocation.
I am bad at choices. People ask me to do things for them and nine times out of ten, I will do it. This may be my nature, I think I tend to be more yes than no.
Being a yes girl has sure got me into trouble in the past.  So, I am trying to discern the right thing to do now.Yes, I am praying, but I suck at discernment…
Not only should I stay or should I go but should I work more? How would this be, logistically speaking?
What would you do? 🙂
P.S. Edited to add ~ just found this quote on Cindy’s blog. Maybe it will help me discern…”True happiness lies in giving ourselves in love to our brothers and sisters. “~ Pope John Paul II

14 thoughts on “What would you do?”

  1. Oh, that’s a tough one, Leonie!As for Japan–I would totally GO! What fun! And it’s only a week.The kids and dh will survive without you that long.As for the second job, that is a bit more difficult, isn’t it?I know what you mean about sometimes wanting someone to just TELL you what to do. Having a crystal ball would be nice, too, wouldn’t it?LOL!

  2. WOW, Japan for 1 week, I say go for it. Your boys are getting big, and this is a great opportunity!!!!!As for more work, I don;t know, I promise to pray for you. When I was reading your post, I was thinking of Proverbs 31, her work brought honor to her husband, Sounds like yours does as well. Good for you Leonie, and congrats on the award, what fun thing are you going to do with the 500.00????

  3. Thanks for thoughts and prayers. Molly, I am keeping you in my morning pprayers. Yep, Theresa, I want a crystal ball! lol!And, sadly :-), the $500 will go towards medical bills – I’m having surgery in May and I have to pay $8000!! So the money really comes in handy…

  4. I tend to agree with the other ladies regarding the Japan part! Your children are older and one week isn’t a long time to be away considering the amazing experience that it will offer you.I have just had my ninth baby and been hit with terrible post natal depression topped off with panic attacks and anxiety…..anyway, my psych told me that a lot of the build up to this was the fact that I don’t take enough time for me. I always thought that was being selfish!! but he said no, it is “self nurturing” and that is very important. I now realise that you can give to others around you much better when you yourself are nurtured! I was giving out of an empty vessel and I broke down :-(Anyway, in the bottom of your heart you probably already know the answer to the extra work part! Listen to the still small voice of God…God Bless, Jacqui L

  5. Hey LeonieGo for it, I say…good on you for getting invited to go to Japan.One week away won’t hurt anyone, and I’m sure on your return your family will appreciate you and all that you do more than ever.I know that my family do if I’ve been away.Bless yaLisa

  6. Praying for you, Leonie! You are so amazing and God has given you so many talents how wonderful whether you go to Japan or not, whether you open up another Kumon center or not, that you are so capable is such a blessing. So when the timing is right now or later, whatever decision you make, we are praying for you. BTW, my husband is a fan of yours and also BTW, I like The Clash reference…I think many can relate to it. I will keep you in my daily intentions and please keep my family in yours!Blessings,marianne

  7. AWESOME! I’ll be praying for you. How can you turn down going to Japan!! lol….and a job that you can take your kids too certainly beats the other kind of job. Will be praying and praying!

  8. Good on ya Leonie….Not sure if u remember me. I’m an instructor (supervisor-as u call it there) from Malaysia. Japan is a must I would say because it’s a celebration for us!!! can u imagine 5 yrs on…looking back knowing u were not there at Tokyo Dome to celebrate our 50th year anniversary?On the second centre….think deeply. Remember how u started yr existing centre. and see if the main priority is to make money…then go for it. If family time and time for yourself….reconsider…See you in Japan Leonie!!!

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