Sometimes I am a dork!

Jammin’ to my Turbo Jam workout this morning, 55 minutes of TJ Cardio Party 3 before Mass and homeschool ice skating and work meetings, well, I thought to myself – You are a dork sometimes.

dork –noun Slang.

a ridiculous person; jerk; nerd.

I mean, there I am in the family room, dancing away, twirling around, punching and kicking, belting out the song lyrics, having a ball of a time. I realized how dorky this must look. Must be.

But, hey, it is all in the pursuit of fitness, fun and happiness!

8 thoughts on “Sometimes I am a dork!”

  1. Not a dork, Leonie — a wonderful mom to 7 active boys/gentlemen who is doing her best to keep up with them….You go, girl!Blessings and prayers

  2. Inspirational to me!Maybe I’ll ask for some excercise dvds for my birthday this year, which is ages away, but I never can think what to ask for at the time, and this seems like it would be great fun for all of us.

  3. And what do the boys think, hmm?Do they have good music on these things?(Not the lack of familiarity with anything vigorous slash exercisey. Not on purpose, mind you. And I do buy DVDs every now and then. They don’t seem to work though. Oh, you mean you have to take them out of the cupboard?!)

  4. The kids aren’t aways awake when I workout – if they are they sometimes sing along or Aexander likes to join in on parts./ They are so used to me! lol!..Some workouts have terrible canned music, others have really good songs, more pop stuff!

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