Homeschooling as Housework

Last night we talked about our unschooling, how we mostly just have an atmosphere of learning yet we still do some formal work in parts, and our bits and pieces of formal work.

Thomas has been reading, in an ad hoc fashion, a Chemistry textbook. I had talked with him earlier, about exposure to these topics and ideas, and to “textbook use”.

The book is as dry as stale toast. Truthfully.

We have been doing occasional experiments, to enhance the concepts presented. And last night I ordered a kitchen lab manual, with things that Thomas said sound like fun. From Castle Heights Press.

Anthony has been weaving his way through parts of a Prince Caspian unit study. We talked about some geography study in May, study Anthony’s way ( What?!), choosing countries to rabbit trail, using ideas from this blog post ~Around the World with Our Lady.

Alexander is working on his Italian at uni, and then trying to find time to do some maths, some Latin, some Physics. some religion reading. Well. the others try to squash in maths, French, religion, Latin, and writing their novels, too!.

I like how we have our life, how we read and learn and talk all the time and how we supplement this with formal work – and how any formal work gets squeezed into life – not the other way around. Formal work doesn’t run our life, it is just a thing to push in here and shove in there – a bit like housework really!

Everything gets done, just at odd moments and odd times. I may mop the floor at 11.00 pm, as I did last night, and the kids may do some Maths and religion reading in the car, on the way to ice skating…

Or not!


Parish Mission

Our parish has had, is still having a Mission this week.

With a priest from the Fathers of Mercy.

What is a Mission? The purpose of a mission is to assist the priest in his ministry by conferences, administration of the sacraments, and preaching the Word of God to the people of the parish. The mission seeks to “inflame all the members of the parish with the Infinite Love of Almighty God, and to call them to receive the Merciful Love of the Heart of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

I have found the mission to be helpful for me, spiritually – a great week before my surgery next week.

I hope it has been good for my dh and kids, too – we have discussed many different aspects of the mission and of the talks, this week, that’s for sure.

Not as much formal work as usual – a Catholic filled unschool this week, and lots of friends over too!

But then, again, not a lot of formal work is our norm….


Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Like a Virgin.
True Colours.

And many others songs, on the workout DVD I did yesterday and today.

An 80s aerobics and music mix, with Richard Simmons ( yeah, I know, sorry – and corny as h**l).

I jogged in place, I did high impact instead of the workout’s low impact moves, to make the workout more advanced. And I had a whale of a time – sweatin’ and singin’ and dancin’ to 80s hits.

And because of the high impact, my heart rate was up. Cool!

I felt like I was at party, being a dag, dancing around, doing aerobics moves and singing.

Now, that is not just a cardio workout – it is pure fun.

I think working out should be fun, at least some of the time, don’t you?

St Athanasius

Feast Day is Friday. Bishop of Alexandria and Doctor of the Church. And Alexander’s Confirmation Saint.

I have been looking for some Egyptian recipes to try this weekend.

Found this site.

We may try the Foule Mudammes ( Egyptian Chilli) and the Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake.

Hmm. I wonder how any calories are in these Egyptian dishes? lol!


Two Saints

Today we are doing some cooking, for our parish Youth Supper tonight. Supper after Mass, during which Fr. Thomas Sullivan will give a homily. Fr. is from the Fathers of Mercy and is the missioner for our parish mission this week .

Today, I am reading to the family about two saints ~ Saint Zita and Saint Mark the Evangelist.

We have the book Vendela in Venice out for display and to read – St Mark’s relics are in Venice and these and the lions of St Mark are discussed in the book.

I thought we’d tie our cooking in with the liturgical year – make Risi e Bisi for St Mark ( apparently a favourite dish in Venice on this feast day) and also some bread for St Zita – the Little Cook and patron of housekeepers.


Murder Mystery Dinner


Luke and Jonathon were the murderers!

We had a really nice dinner, I ( sort of) followed recipes from my birthday cookbook – Nigella Express by TV cook Nigella Lawson.
Nibbles with cocktails, Naan bread Pizza with wine and soft drink, Beef Tagine with olives and capers/rice/ sauteed cauliflower and capsicum, White Chocolate Mousse and Apple Tart, cheese and biscuits and Anthony’s dragon cake with coffee and tea.

The characters and dialogue and clues were engaging – we tried to solve the crime ourselves.

And dh and I ended the night at Adoration in our parish, after 1.00 a.m., when the guests left.

Cool evening and lotsa fun.

P.S. My character, Edith, ended up being quite a shocker ~ definitely not someone I’d emulate IRL!

Anzac Day

Today is Anzac Day. We remember those who died during war, especially those at Gallipoli in World War 1.

Thomas has made some Anzac Cookies . Anthony has researched Anzac Day on the web and shared some new info with all of us. We will attend Mass tonight, for Anzac Day.

Anthony is also making a dragon cake – it was the Feast of St George, he who killed the dragon, last week. St George is Anthony’s Confirmation Saint.

Tonight,we are also having a Murder Mystery Dinner Party – who will be the suspect? I’ll let you know..

And post pics of the party and of the dragon cake…


Trapped in Paradise.

Not really.

Although we do love that film, with Nicholas Cage. Part of our Christmas list of movies ( be forewarned – has swearing).

But last night a friend and I were Trapped in a Car Park ( And with no swearing- just lots of giggles).

I met some friends, other homeschool mothers, for dinner last night, after my work at Kumon. We went to the Coffee Club to celebrate another friend’s birthday.

And we parked in the carpark that closes, unbeknownst to us, at 9.00 p.m.

So, at 10.45 p.m. there we were, trapped in the car park, no way to get out. Gates all closed.

We laughed.

And we got help so we arrived home safely. After rude texts from my friends and family, about my ability to get trapped!

Just another adventure in the life of homeschooling mother. Who knew we lived such exciting lives? lol!