Holy Saturday and the Fat Free Vegan

(A weird juxtaposition of post topics in my recent blog titles. )

Today we are looking forward to the Easter Vigil at church tonight and we start the Regina Coeli. Prayed from Holy Saturday to Trinity Sunday, in place of our usual praying of the Angelus.

I woke up feeling fantastic , it has been over a month since I last felt really well- the prayers of Good Friday, the Stations of the Cross and the three o’clock Passion helped me Find Sanctuary. Eating less yesterday, because of Good Friday’s fast and abstinence, was also great for me. I feel fitter and my abs feel flatter.( Am I the only auburn haired blonde? I mean, really, this blend of the religious with diet and body image is very Clueless…lol!).

Visited the fitness forum this morning and found a link to yet another cool blog, the
Fat Free Vegan. Yummy recipes. Maybe I can feel this great all the time, by following the advice of writer and food anthropologist Michael Pollan — Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Okay, maybe I can only do this 50% of the time but at least I like the sound of the tag line!

Some recipes from the vegan blog, ones I want to try ~

Penne Arrabbiata
Enchilada casserole


Good Friday and an Early Birthday Present

We picked up son Nick from the airport, went to “live” Stations of the Cross and Reconciliation at our parish. It was super – Fr. looked great in a purple cope, members of Youth Group acted out parts of the Stations, the Stations were the more traditional Stations that my dh likes, we sang the Salve Regina ( my fave).

I worked out to yet another FIRM workout – 55 minutes of step aerobics and weight training. Hey , it’s fast and abstinence from food and meat, not workouts, isn’t it?

Nick won’t be here for my birthday next week so he gave me an early present – a kitsch coffee mug, a 1950s housewife pic on the mug, with the words domestically disabled emblazoned on one side and on the handle.

Now, is that a hint? Surely not! Surely my sons know that I am a domestic goddess?

Thankful Thursday

Today is Holy Thursday. Maundy Thursday. A good day to take five minutes to reflect, to think about five things for which we are thankful. Or grateful. Or happy about.
My list ~
1. Maundy Thursday at church tonight. The word Maundy is derived through Middle English,
and Old French mandé, from the Latin mandatum, the first word of the phrase “Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos” (“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you”), the statement by Jesus in the Gospel of John (13:34) by which Jesus explained to the Apostles the significance of his action of washing their feet. The phrase is used as the antiphon sung during the “Mandatum” ceremony of the washing of the feet, which may be held during Mass or at another time as a separate event, during which a priest or bishop (representing Christ) ceremonially washes the feet of others.
2. The Chrism Mass of last night. The use of oil in ritual is ancient and widespread. There are many references to it in the scriptures, as in Psalm 33 (“ sacred oil on the head flowing down Aaron’s beard to the collar of his robe”); “Christ” literally means “Anointed One”; the oil of chrism is used in coronation ceremonies.In the Catholic tradition three different oils are used – chrism for baptism, confirmation and ordination as well as for consecrating churches and altars; the oil of catechumens, as the name suggests, for baptism; the oil of the sick in the sacrament of anointing the sick.The Chrism Mass at which the oils are blessed and the chrism is consecrated (because chrism is used in the rites which impart a sacramental character) takes place in the cathedral towards the end of Lent so that they will be ready for the Easter sacraments.

3. I am feeling well – or at least, not unwell. A major breakthrough. I have had a difficult Lent, health-wise.

4. My dh and sons. And our parish. My family has been super, picking up the ball when I have been sick, helping in our parish with stuff for Palm Sunday and the Easter Tridium. And we are lucky to be given the opportunity to help out, to serve in our parish , hopefully giving back a little for the abundance that we have received.
I sound quite gentle and pious, don’t I? Well, the next “thankful” item will change that perception ~ see, it really is all about me ( as one of my pyjama tops says…)!

5. A FIRM workout today. Weights and cardio, with step aerobics. Yay! I love to workout.

[The above pics? William Blake’s Holy Thursday ( 1794) and the FIRM workout “Complete Aerobics and Weights” (2003).]


Homeschool Tuesday

I was quite sick last night. Woke up with a terrible headache and a pretty formidable To Do List.

I did some yoga for light exercise and to clear my head. And had to listen to a philosophical debate between two sons on the psychological benefits ( or not) of yoga, of “blooming like a flower.”

Namaste. I am sure. Especially with numerous phone call interruptions – a peaceful yoga mum I am not!

But Anthony and I had some fun with our Prince Caspian unit. We are picking and choosing ideas from the Further Up and Further In book, a thematic guide to the Narnia novels of C.S. Lewis. Today, Anny made a poster on the water cycle and we investigated the differences between oceans and seas.

And discussed the Byzantines and iconic art. Not at all related to Narnia.

And talked on the question of homeschool differences – are homeschooled kids different? This arose out of a complaint from Thomas, about the tone of Dr Wiles’ “Exploring Creation with Chemistry” book. A book I found boring, too.

We prayed the Anima Christi, in Latin and in English, for Holy Week….organised stuff for our parish newsletter etc…cooked, folded pamphlets for delivery, had French class, did some errands, took Alexander to work at Kumon, worked on my Kumon newsletter….went to Mass ….

And so went part of our homeschool day…in Holy Week.