Thankful Thursday

Yeah, I know it is not Thursday yet but I’m getting in ahead! Thursday’s gonna be busy for me.

And I like Ruth’s idea, from way-back-when, of hosting the occasional Thankful Thursday blog.

Today ( Wednesday posing as Thursday), I am thankful that I am an unschooler.

Why? Read Genevieve’s post and smile at children learning and enjoying learning, at choices in education, at collaborative learning.

At unschooling.

I was feeling guilty about our Easter Octave – work stuff for me, for the kids a little bit of writing and lots of Guitar Hero, Singstar, some reading, friends over. But an unschooler shouldn’t feel this guilty for not doing-school!

Genevieve’s blog post reminds me that joy is important, too – something I can forget when I am busy…

We are seeking joy and thus, a school week of a bit of reading, a bit of writing, French class, work, lots of fun and play and friends, is cool.

7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Yeah – I’ve been wondering about myself, too. Dh said last night, that I tend tyo be a bit abrut sometimes with the kids – busyness? cos they are older now? Anyway, those are just excuses. Can I be more of a yes, joyful mother?

  2. Leonie, so glad you found the post inspiring. Honestly, the ‘yes’ mom shift was inspired by something you said many years ago… how you would have focused time with your children. I think the determination came from not knowing what it would be like to go from two children to four. That coupled with too many baby photo slideshows. They grow up too fast. Anyhow it is a fascinating to see how the happy ‘yes’ mom affects not only our relationships but also our learning environment. What happens if I move more with their rhythm with regards to time and interests? Much to ponder.

  3. Sorry about the typos above – but, yes, Genevieve, something to ponder. As is dh’s co0mment last night, Ouch. Maybe a blog post will help me sort it out…

  4. *laughs* I think people (as in me) who ponder about patience and abruptness are people who struggle with these attributes. So you are in good company. 🙂 I love efficiency especially with regards to things I have already mastered. But I find with my children they love the journey as much as the goal. For example, I love Ruth Beechick’s idea of cooking as a way of exploring math but it took me a long time to understand it can’t be applied to stir-fry when everything is executed lightening fast. *laughs* So I talk math while I cook easy things like making breads, baked beans and stews. Time is not the essences and I can discuss how many quarters go into 2 cups. *grinz* Of course that means I have to accept that preparing the meal goes from 15 minutes to one or two hour. *grinz* I think shortness within me usually stems from expectations not being met. I’ve had to question and re-question my expectations. There have been times when I even threw out curricula because having the ‘answers’ or ‘appropriate’ responses before me set expectations. Anyhow those are just my obervations of myself. :p Looking forward to your post.

  5. I think some of us are ponder-ers, iykwim? And blogging is a form of pondering. So, I am thinking and praying about my responses to my kis, but I am also just plain busy, so that finding time to blog and ponder is dfficult. Perhaps that is the soruce of my abruptness? My busynes, my need to go-go-go, my doing things fast? Ugh.

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