Holy Saturday and the Fat Free Vegan

(A weird juxtaposition of post topics in my recent blog titles. )

Today we are looking forward to the Easter Vigil at church tonight and we start the Regina Coeli. Prayed from Holy Saturday to Trinity Sunday, in place of our usual praying of the Angelus.

I woke up feeling fantastic , it has been over a month since I last felt really well- the prayers of Good Friday, the Stations of the Cross and the three o’clock Passion helped me Find Sanctuary. Eating less yesterday, because of Good Friday’s fast and abstinence, was also great for me. I feel fitter and my abs feel flatter.( Am I the only auburn haired blonde? I mean, really, this blend of the religious with diet and body image is very Clueless…lol!).

Visited the fitness forum this morning and found a link to yet another cool blog, the
Fat Free Vegan. Yummy recipes. Maybe I can feel this great all the time, by following the advice of writer and food anthropologist Michael Pollan — Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Okay, maybe I can only do this 50% of the time but at least I like the sound of the tag line!

Some recipes from the vegan blog, ones I want to try ~

Penne Arrabbiata
Enchilada casserole

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