Good Friday and an Early Birthday Present

We picked up son Nick from the airport, went to “live” Stations of the Cross and Reconciliation at our parish. It was super – Fr. looked great in a purple cope, members of Youth Group acted out parts of the Stations, the Stations were the more traditional Stations that my dh likes, we sang the Salve Regina ( my fave).

I worked out to yet another FIRM workout – 55 minutes of step aerobics and weight training. Hey , it’s fast and abstinence from food and meat, not workouts, isn’t it?

Nick won’t be here for my birthday next week so he gave me an early present – a kitsch coffee mug, a 1950s housewife pic on the mug, with the words domestically disabled emblazoned on one side and on the handle.

Now, is that a hint? Surely not! Surely my sons know that I am a domestic goddess?

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