A Book Meme

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Here are the rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Well, I am sitting in Nick’s study, in his townhouse in Adelaide. Next to me is one of the books I have bought while here in Adelaide. “How To Eat Like a Hot Chick” by Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent.

Deep and meaningful, right ?

But I have to play the meme exactly as I have been tagged. Don’t I? I can’t run to my bedroom and select a different book ( “Finding Sanctuary : Monastic Steps to Every Day Life” or “Cardinal Galsworthy” or “The Adventures of Diet Girl”).

I have to reveal my more shallow side ( well, the Diet Girl book could share equal shallow space here.).

Woe is me…. There are only five sentences on age 123. Obviously the Hot Chick book is extremely erudite. So, I can ‘t post the next three sentences on that page.

I know. I will turn over a page and post the next three sentenes there.

Uh oh. Hm. Do I really want to? Should I edit?

No, be brave. Play the meme game properly.

The next three sentences, after the fifth sentence on page 123, are ~

Some foods, though, are just plain sexy, and it’s totally easy to look unbelievably hot while eating them. We asked around and observed many women, and here for you now are the hottest foods you can find. Eat away bi#$%es.

Very educational and illuminating, I am sure. (And if you want to know the hot foods, they are – fruit, meat, ice cream, french fries and lollipops. Enough said.).

I think I’d better redeem myself and my reading and post the next three lines, after the fifth sentence from page 123, from “Finding Sanctuary”. This describes the experience of Pachomius, an early desert father, in creating a community ~

He allowed this to go on for several years, hoping that his humility would inspire them to change their ways but they only abused his kindness all the more and, as the years wore on, they came to despise Pachomius. He finally realised that something had to change, so he gave them a clearly stated description of the way of life he expected them to lead. He laid down clearly how each monk shoud live and in this way created the first monastic rule for community.

This chapter is obviously on communtiy , community as sanctuary and how we must overcome obstacles in community with both love and discipline.

Oh, the final part of the meme states that I must tag five others. I tag Maria,
Cindy , Catholic Mommas, Marie and Hopewell Mom School.


Today, we remember…

…..Our Lady of Lourdes.

Went to Mass this mornng and the kids will be adding a Lourdes page to their Mary Notebooks -writing and illustrating a notebook page on Our Lady.

I thought we might also discuss the following thoughts from Pope Benedict XVI, on education – if I can squeeze in time, amidst all my Kumon prep before work and an evening Parents Information Meeting that I am running today…Of course, if I got off the internet, that would help!
” The educative relationship is, however, above all the meeting of two freedoms and successful education is the formation of the right use of freedom.Little by little the child grows, he becomes an adolescent and then a youth; we must therefore accept the risk of freedom, always remaining attentive to help him correct mistaken ideas and choices. That which we must never do is to go along with him in his errors, pretend not to see them, or worse, to share in them, as if they were the new frontiers of human progress.Education cannot, therefore, do without that authoritativeness that makes the exercise of authority credible…it is acquired above all by consistency in one’s own life and by personal involvement, an expression of true love. The educator is thus a witness of truth and of goodness: “
From the Vatican, Jan. 21, 2008 BENEDICTUS PP. XVI
From the Pope’s Letter to Romans on Education “Each Person and Generation Must Make Their Own Decisions in Their Own Name” .
The last line quoted above is very powerful – “The educator is thus a witness of truth and of goodness. ”
While educating our children, while living and learnng as a family, we educate and form ourselves, our characters, our souls.
Who knew that homeschooling would ultimately be concerned with growth, with truth, with goodness?

Nature Walk

We went for a walk this afternoon, on two of the walking trails, at the Cumberland State Forest. It is always interesting to visit this local forest after rain.

One of the walks is a sensory walk ~ you can see us hugging trees and blocking ears…

Jonathon pointed out the incongruities of our walk – enjoying nature, looking at toadstools and at spiders, discussing shale and the scale of hardness, while debating the definitions of forest and wood ( ‘How can there be a coffee shop in a forest’ asked Luke) and with me sending emails via my mobile phone and Jonathon’s girlfriend talking on her phone , as we walked the trails…Ah, the wonders of naure, of homeschooling, of modern life.


Crown of Thorns

We made a Crown of Thorns for our Lenten dinner table centrepiece. We make this out of salt dough every year….But dh walked in and died laughing, when he saw my creation. I am so not crafty! Here is the finished, yet to be varnished, product – dh kindly came to the rescue and re-made the crown for us.