A crappy week, schoolwork wise….

…but, hey, we are unschoolers, so who cares? We learn from everything, as a toddler learns while exploring life.

Monday I was still very sick so the kids worked on Maths and English on their own, helped around the house, exercised, played computer, played piano, watched a re-run of “Life on Mars”, with Greg who missed the episode last week. Before work at my Kumon Centre. We read about the Seven Servite Founders and prayed the Dolors Rosary.

Tuesday was a meeting of Catholic homechoolers at my house. So , the time prior to 10.00 a.m., was spent cleaning house for mum who felt ill, general tidying, buying something to serve f0r lunch, while mum organized stuff for the meeting.

The morning was the planning meeting for we mothers, play for kids, then the Rosary and prayers and blessing , with two of the Friars of the Conventual Franciscans. Three mothers couldn’t make the day but we still made a nice group of four, with someone bringing in another friend’s son.

We shared lunch , the kids began a brief cleanup and then French Class mums and kids arrived. And, yes, some of the earlier group of people stayed. Greg taught French class and we mums chatted. French is schoolwork, right?

Cleaning up , more computer, reading, part time work for Alexander and Jonathon, Mass, Singstar and visitors concluded the day of schoolork. French and music and housework and socialization are schoolwork, don’t you think?

Today the kids are folding pamphlets and delivery of same pamphlets, having a friend over, I have work for Kumon since Head Office is visiting next week and I have lunch with the previous Parish Council Chairperson. Alexander is working at McDonalds and Jonathon has a work related interview. I want the kids to do their Kumon study (Maths or English), too, and dh and I will share some Lenten reflections tonight after our parish Lenten programme earlier this evening.

Maybe tomorrow will be our saving grace, schoolwork wise. The kids will throw in some Latin and religion amongst their Kumon. And before work. ‘Cos Friday is another busy, non schoolwork day -Mass, Homeschool Teen Group at our house, music lessons, part time work for Alexander, work at home for Jonathon, Youth Group, Stations of the Cross.

All the while, the week has involved, to date, the filling in of little furrows here and there, with reading and music and Lenten reading.

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”
— C. S. Lewis

I take heart in this quote of Lewis – my hope is that our life is irrigating deserts, inspiring learning. Not just schoolwork for the sake of schoolwork.

5 thoughts on “A crappy week, schoolwork wise….”

  1. Sounds like you did more than my kids do in public school…..fyi–a prayer request. I’ve posted our homeschool stuff for sale with a very sad heart. In practical terms it could generate a little $. Plus most of it is now “outgrown.” It feels like I’ve chucked our dream out though…..

  2. Sounds like busy, fun times. And I know how you feel.. it is so nice when some schoolwork gets done… or at least discussion. Somehow that always warms a mom’s heart. Prayers for Greg’s oral surgery and your symptoms, too…CindyLisa— there are many good paths, not just one. I have friends whose dc and back in school and thriving. The most important thing, I think, is to just be present in their lives. Many good moms have their kids in school, the litmus test is not homeschooling but loving.Prayers for you and your family–Cindy in Houston

  3. Leonie, I have A LOT of these weeks, but I console myself with, “The kids are learning”. So many times I say it but I don’t quite believe it. Thanks for the encouragement:) I think it is time to blog about this too:)btw…You work for a Kumon center? Is it the same company(japan book publisher)? I bought my four year old these a few months back and she’s begging for more. She especially loved MORE LET”S CUT PAPER!blessings,marianne

  4. Yeah – they are definitely learning all the time – even if it just life skills! :-)Actually, we talk a lot about life skills at Kumon, too – I do work for Kumon, I run and am the Supervisor of the Kellyville Kumon Education centre. We have those workbooks – they are a lot of fun for preschoolers, aren’t they?

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