I Am Sad!


Well, the last week or so I”ve been doing my tougher more advanced workouts – Taebo Advanced Lives, Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3, the old FIRM Volume 1.

But, guess, what – they are not so tough anymore! 😦

Sure they are great workouts, you build up a fantastic sweat, I have some biceps coming along
nicely :-), and the endorphins flow – but I don’t feel dead or wiped out at the end of the workout. And the DOMS aren’t as tough.

It’s weird but I like to workout for fun and intensity and to get that really worked out feeling.

Oh, and here I am in the middle of a sweaty Taebo workout, using a staff. Now, that is what I call fun!


2 thoughts on “I Am Sad!”

  1. Hey, Leonie- I hear you.I have just committed to step up my workouts as well. The good news– I am very conditioned. I ran an hour on the treadmill and my lungs didn’t complain once. (It is my old body that creaks and I have to baby it)But I am going to try and add on extra 45 min cardio to 3 of my 6 cardio workouts each week, just to bump it up a bit.Also I am going to seriously try running again, still the best workout experience I have ever had! Hope my creaky body will cooperate.And.. taking your Billy Blanks advice I am concentrating on my strength. Trying to focus on each rep, challenge myself with weight.Yesterday at my powerscupt class, I picked up a 15# handweight instead of at 12#- I had felt challenged at 12# and slowly did each move, really pushing myself.Felt great and I am sore today.So… move on to the next level! Maybe even with your same videos, but supersize it yourself! You are doing great!(p.s. Love your nails…)

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