Three Feast Days – well, almost Four..

December 27 was the Feast of St John the Apostle. I placed wine glasses decorated with lolly snakes, on the dinner table. The story goes that St John was given poisoned wine to drink. He blessed the wine and the poison came out of the wine in the form of snakes. Hence the lolly snakes; our family tradition!
December 28 – we remembered the Holy Innocents. These children were murdered by Herod’s soldiers, in Herod’s search for the Baby Jesus. Our parish held its annual Mass for the Holy Innocents, Bishop Fisher presiding. Very solemn. Very nice. Followed by a procession, prayers, Benediction.

Then we and two guests went to lunch at our favourite Italian restaurant.

Today, we remember St Thomas Beckett – immortalised in T. S. Eliot’s ” Murder in the Cathedral.” We read about this saint and discussed Henry II. We also sang Good St Wencelas ( for the feast of St Stephen – Dec 26 – well, it talks about th feast of Stephen and better late than never!). And sang some traditional carols for this Christmas period. You can see our carol basket above.

I hope you are enjoying the Twelve Days of Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Three Feast Days – well, almost Four..”

  1. I love the St. John the Apostle tradition. Wish I’d seen it earlier. But I’m sure you meant to type December instead of January. I look forward to checking out your thoughts on unschooling (I presume). Merry Christmas!

  2. Oops – sorry about the typo! Sometimes I post abut unschooling but mostly I post about our lfe – but they are the one and the same, aren’t they? 🙂

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