What do you do when older…

… sons come home for Advent?
Play games of Scorpa, trying to beat Dad ( and Greg succeeded!).
Work together- mark off areas for parking for the parish Christmas Carols tonight. And put together 300 lolly bags for the same carols.
Attend the funeral for a Friar’s father – and get lost on the way! Make up for this with many margaritas afterwards…

Keep up with Advent activities. Well, almost. We are faithfully reading the slips of paper, eating the lollies and chocolates from the Advent calendar and trying to follow the directions on the slips. We made the activity slips last year and they are re-usable. Hopefully.

Listen to Carols.

Smile more today.

Read the nativity story from one of the Gospels. (Still on the To Do List) . (Blushes and sighs).
Watch a Christmas movie.

Check weather on the feast of St Barbara (legend had it that the weather on this day will mirror the weather on Christmas Day).

Bake St Lucy’s Bread ( Crown) on the feast of St Lucy ( December 13 butI still intend to find time to do that this week and to make a gingerbread house or train…).

Continue with Advent reading. I am up to the section on the parables of Jesus , in “Jesus of Nazareth”.

Start Christmas Novena ( today).

How is your Advent?

3 thoughts on “What do you do when older…”

  1. Oh! I love family reunions! I’m so excited for ours! I know how much you miss your boys. Thought this would be funnny to share. I’ve been discussing with my husband about our oldest son’s kindergarten year. Then I got so excited recounting your educational principles that you have shared over the years.. keeping it relaxed yet an eye on the bigger picture,staying involved in a child’s interests, willing to take a academic break from a “core” subject, having a both parent’s and CHILD’s input in how he learns, the importance of informal learning…can you tell I’m still excited about the vision! Of course, I can’t just buy the books you use. Defeats the purpose of specially-tailored education, no? Anyway, this is a long-winded way of saying that you have been in my thoughts and Merry Christmas!

  2. Dh has always been sold on flexible homeschooling and tailoring the experience to the child and family dynamics. He just smiled at my ramblings and reassured me that I’m doing great. I go through these vision and reality re-evaluation because I sometimes still try to put a box around my children. Make sense?

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