How cool~!

Today’s table centrepiece .

Our Advent wreath, a copy of a Fr. Lovasik book, for today’s “saint of the day” ( Our Lady of Gaudalupe), and my special book find ~ a 1964 copy of Madeleine L’engle’s “The Twenty Four Days of Christmas”.

A special addition to our Christmas booklist.

I loved this book as a child and as a young mother; it gave me many, many ideas on creating family Advent traditions and on nurturing family life.

Today was also cool because I received an award for being the number 2 Kumon Supervisor of the Year for New South Wales. Number 2 out of the 112 Supervisors.

The award is based on centre statistics – retention rate of students, progress in students, centre growth.

I love working with the kids at Kumon, helping them learn and grow. This love is akin to my love of homeschooling – I feel privileged to learn with my own kids at home, and to learn with the Kumon students at my Kumon Centre.

3 thoughts on “How cool~!”

  1. Wow, Leonie! Congratulations on your reward. You do seem like you are overflowing with energy, enthusiasm and encouragement. I think that goes such a long way, especially with kids who need tutoring. So you sound like the ideal person!Congratulations again!

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