St Leo the Great

Today is the Feast Day of St Leo the Great.

He reigned as Pope between 440 and 461. He persuaded Emperor Valentinian to recognize the primacy of the Bishop of Rome in an edict in 445.

We read of his efforts during the upheaval of the fifth century barbarian invasion. St Leo encountered Attila the Hun, at the very gates of Rome, persuading him to turn back. When the Vandals occupied the city of Rome, St Leo persuaded the invaders to desist from pillaging the city and harming its inhabitants.

Given that my name is Leonie, can I (sort of) adopt this day as my name day?

In honour of this feast, Anthony made me some low fat chocolate muffins.

Thank you, Anthony!
I shared them all, don’t worry..

5 thoughts on “St Leo the Great”

  1. I think it’s a great idea using St. Leo as a Name-Day Saints Day for yourself. My patron is Margaret Clitherow but I can’t find any Name-Day Saints for Rachel. Do you know of any.

  2. Hmm, Rachel. Let me think….. is about patron saints for people named Rachel, Raquel, etc.PATRON SAINT INDEX NAME PATRONSpeople namedRachel [hebrew]Rachael [hebrew]Rachele [italian]Rachell [spelling variant]Rachelle [hungarian, german, french]Racquel [french]Rae [nickname for rachel]Rahal [spelling variant]Rahel [german]Raquel [american english]Ra’Quel [american english]meaningthe lamb [hebrew] patronsRachel Rachildis RACHILDIS of Saint-GallAlso known as Richildis Memorial 23 November Profile Benedictine anchoress who lived walled up in a cell near Saint Wiborada, under obedience to the abbot of Saint Gall, Switzerland. Died c.946 of natural causes So, your name saint feast day is this month!

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