Celebrating the Liturgical Year

This morning, I am planning for some activities. Activities to celebrate the liturgy this week.

Wednesday, October 31 is All Hallow’s Eve. Last year we made sweets and black and gold paper chains. Shared our fudge with friends. We had a special dinner for All Saints. And made Soul Cakes for All Souls. Attending Masses, of course, and saying the usual prayers, too….

I was thinking that this year, we could have a mini party. A family party? Perhaps invite others? You, know, Catholics Give the Best Parties. I mean, why shouldn’t we laugh and have fun, even while remembering the liturgical year, after praying for All Souls , after commemorating the Feast of All Saints?

We can pray the De Profundis – and here is an interesting article describing the use of the De Profundus in contemporary and popular culture.

We can also pray the Litany of All Saints. ( As an aside – this was sung in Latin at Anthony’s baptism. Beautiful.)

Perhaps have some apple bobbing and a donut eating contest – maybe a barbecue followed by some sweets. Lollies. Homemade or otherwise….

Maybe make some Coffee Braid and some Dead Bones Cookies.

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