Joining the Thin Club

This is the new book I am reading. Finished “Secrets of a Former Fat Girl” ( but I will re-read it sometime soon. There are things I need to digest – ah, I mean, think about!).

Do you see a pattern in my reading?

You know, I could be finishing the translation of Dante that I started a few months ago. Or be finishing Pope Benedict ‘s “Jesus of Nazareth” – which I also began a few months ago.Or I could be reading something challenging on education for work or a good book on home schooling and mothering .
For my life.

But, no. I am shallow. I am stuck in the realm of diet and fitness! lol!

So, back to the book “Joining the Thin Club”.

It is not a humorous read, unlike Delaney’s book. Former Fat Girl was fun.

This is more serious in tone. Yet, still very interesting. The focus, again, is on the mind and on body image. With a dash of practical tips for weight loss and weight maintenance.

The Thin Club is a state of mind. It is the balance of your life that enables you to understand what is truly important versus what is not so important. When food is your focus, the layer cake becomes a goal. When food is the means to a greater end – a way of fueling your body, staving off hunger and sanctifying where it comes from–it all starts to make sense. And the layer cake will no longer matter.

Well, I am not tempted by layer cake – my temptations lie in the realm of savoury foods, alcohol, nuts, pepper cheese, cheese with a bite…But I see the point. We work on ourselves and on healthy habits.

What other fitness books am I coveting?

I like the sound of The Skinny, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch and The Incredible Shrinking Critic.

I am such a good role model for my kids – see the serious books I am, well, lusting after, see the classics I am reading? Ha, ha!!

I promise that I’ll go back to better books soon. Really. Once I get my mind off this whole weight thing.

And I won’t complain when Anthony re-reads his Phantom comic!

( That’s why I am an unschooler ~ it all counts. 🙂 )

3 thoughts on “Joining the Thin Club”

  1. Leonie,My .02 — you are too hard on yourself with thoughts of “shallowness”! It’s not like we can seperate out our soul from our body or mind. We’re a package deal 🙂 When Jesus walked the earth, did He hang out with the religious establishment doing religious stuff? Or hang out with the intellectuals talking intellectual stuff? He did spend an awful lot of time showing compassion and healing people’s bodies. Probably a lot more direct way for most of us to connect with God than our over-labored minds and souls!

  2. I agree with Marie! And with you! It all counts, it is all part of life, and you are reaching to make yourself better (in mind body spirit) and not losing sight of the edification of it all.How’s this for also trying to do that:I have set some fitness goals and so drive to the gym most mornings. I have also been trying to make the Rosary a daily thing fo rme. So now I pray the Rosary on the way to the Ymca (3 mysteries) and 2 on the way back. It helps me keep focued, not be shallow about my working out, but eyes ont eh bigger picture and thankful for the imperfect body God gave me.Well, I am trying to get in the habit and they days are I are good days. :)Cindy

  3. Wow, Marie and Cindy – good thoughts. I’m gonna think on these for awhile – am I too hard on myself? Or not hard enough? Can I combine my prayers and workouts?

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