Secrets of a Former Fat Girl

No – not my secrets! I’m still a fat girl ( well, sort of – but getting thinner! lol!).

But the above blog caption is the title of a book that I am currently reading (currently devouring – uh oh, food words again!) ~ a book by Lisa Delaney.

It is light hearted. It is witty. Delaney is not frightened to laugh at herself. I like that. It feels familiar.

However, as I delve deeper into the book, I sense its poignancy. How society judges one based on looks. The pain this can cause.

To be honest, I am also finding “Secrets of a FormerFat Girl” to be very helpful. The main “secret’ is that it is all about your mind. Get the mind stuff fixed first, and everything else will follow.

Delaney recommends exercise as a way of getting fit, starting out, feeling strong, feeling powerful.

I couldn’t agree more. Especially after my fun and tough hour long Taebo Advanced Live workout this morning.

Delaney discusses diet rules – now, don’t throw the keyboard at me in disgust! These are not your typical diet rules, but concepts applicable to your own life. Self written. Individualized. Manageable.

Delaney states that, inadvertantly or not, we all have some diet rules. Perhaps we tell ourselves that we love chocolate ( or margaritas and G & Ts, in my case) . Or that we can’t stop eating nuts, can’t stop at one small handful of cashew nuts.

Her idea is to re-write these rules, re-work them into positive helps for a healthy diet and for fitness.

For example – I work out every day.

I love cardio.

I eat a healthy snack in the afternoon.

I leave food on my plate.

Starting with just two “rules”.

And so on. Ad nauseum, I guess, to some. But useful for people like me, people with food issues.

But not obsessive – not like the film The Devil Wears Prada – ” You don’t deserve the job. You eat carbs!”. Gasp. Made me laugh… Love that film.

4 thoughts on “Secrets of a Former Fat Girl”

  1. I like it – but it does have some colurful language and some mention of her personal life, pre-marital stuff, not graphic…Just offering a warning! 🙂

  2. It’s all about turning the negative into positive – and I think why this is so difficult because of the media – the implied messages and the not so implied messages.It really is a spiritual battle to realize that God didn’t make a mistake when He gave us whatever metabolism He gave us…we just have to do our part!

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