Messing about with cigarette lighters

I always loved that line in Wind in the Willows ~ messing about with boats.

Today we messed about with cigarette lighters. All in the name of Science, of course.

We looked at the properties of butane and similar low molecular gases. What happens at different pressures. From “Teaching Chemistry with Toys”.

Now, my kids all like fire – Anthony loves lighting or holding candles in Mass, for example. Just for the attraction of the fire. This attraction of fire meant that today’s Science experiment was prolonged. Who could resist a few extra attempts at the cigarette lighter experiment?

Tonight we are celebrating the Feast of St Gerard Majella – my dh’s name is Gerard, after St Gerard. And Gerard is one of Alexander’s middle names – Gerry and I prayed a novena to St Gerard in 1990, asking for his intercession re our desire for another child. Alexander was born in 1991. 🙂

Alexander and I bought a Turkish Delight Cheesecake, as part of our celebration. To go with the paella, in honour of St Teresa of Avila.

I hope St Gerard would approve…


7 thoughts on “Messing about with cigarette lighters”

  1. Fun! I am sure you have heard me tell of how Bryan got a Fire Box for his birthday when he was about 7? He loved fire.. as you spoke of so I bought matches, candles, little dishes to set it in, etc… and gave it to him. He could play all he wanted ONLY when I was with him. (In hte past I would allow him to light a candle and he would want to play and I never had time to watch blah blah blah..)He played to his heart’s content and then was not begging so much every time we lit a candle. I think it satiated him!Enjoy and thanks for posting. You are so good about keeping up and sharing!

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