Our Lady of the Rosary

Tonight, at the close of this Feast Day, we made a Rosary Ring. One Our Father and ten Hail Marys, using balloons, paper and a cardboard Cross. Kinda fun.

We also talked about the making of memories, of associating activities with the liturgical year, of the passing on and keeping up of such traditions.

We should try to teach the children the invisible truths of the faith by means of the visible things around us, by means of the visible actions of daily life; we should try to give them the habit of seeing all created things as, in some way or other, signs of the power and wisdom and love of God. We should try to train the children to make the thoughts and words and actions of daily life true signs of their love of God, able to be offered with our Lord’s sacrifice in the Mass.

From BEGINNING AT HOME -THE CHALLENGE OF CHRISTIAN PARENTHOOD by MARY PERKINS Copyright 1955 by The Order of St. Benedict, Inc., Collegeville,

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And here, surely, is the proper task of the Christian laity–to sacramentalize daily human living and all the materials and actions and occupations bound up with it. Priests “mediate” between us and God; they bring us the grace of Christ In the sacraments, the sacramentals, by their prayer, and they offer us to God with Christ in the Mass. And we, the “laos,” the people of God, are, analogously, to “mediate” between the mystical Body of Christ and the un-Christened world of men and things. We are to help to bring not only our own children, but also our non-Catholic neighbors to Baptism, to Christ.

We are to build the houses that the priest will bless, and live in them in the power of that blessing. We are to take days and weeks and years and re-order them to that pattern of holy human living that the liturgy of the Church lays out. We are to work in all the rightfully human occupations of modern living and re-order them and all the material things they involve, to the life and service of Christ’s members, and so to the glory of God. And thus we shall be doing our own part in re-establishing all things in Christ, in extending that consecration of the world which our Lord inaugurated by His coming.


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