Our homeschooling this week

Woodwork and technology – building our Ikea furniture. We purchased the furniture Saturday, had it delivered Sunday. My dh is away and when he gets home, he is going to get a shock at our house makeover!

Give a girl (well, a homeschool mum) and some kids a spanner… Add some Joan Jett, Blondie and Fleetwood Mac while you build – and, hey, we have a new sitting room and dining room!

Thomas has been in hospital and, after work last night, the other kids and I visited – we took crisps, soft drink and chocolate for a post-operation party! Now, where were the Margaritas and G&T’s – thats right, at home!
And Anthony has been having geoboard fun. Very mathematical.

6 thoughts on “Our homeschooling this week”

  1. Maria, thanx for thoughts for Thomas – he is great, he had to have the metal pin removed from his arm, after his bike accident last year….Fr – the Cheezels drip is why Thomas is so happy now! lol!

  2. Leonie — I SOOOO want to meet you in person, you just crack me up with your posts. Spanner & IKEA, indeed!And why weren’t the margaritas and G&Ts at the hospital?????Sounds like a wonderful, real learning week. Thanks for sharing with us all.

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