The Feast of the Archangels

Yesterday was the Feast of the Archangels.
St Michael, St Gabriel, St Raphael.

What did we do?
We began the day with Mass, Reconciliation, then breakfast at Mc Donalds, in celebration. The kids had various activities and parties to attend, we did odd jobs and closed the day by seeing the movie Rush Hour 3 in the early evening.

Pizza and then our traditional dessert for this feast – Devil’s Food Cake. To remember that St Michael cast the devil into hell.

This year, the cake was made by Jonathon and friend. We and our visitors enjoyed the cake, a great way to remember this feast!

Oh, and my dh is home, after being away for September for work. He bought me a gift – a perpetual calendar, with the title above ~ You Say I’m a B#%h Like its a Bad Thing!
A motto for every day – today’s is most applicable. Or so say my sons and dh .
I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning, just not as it applies to me.

Well, true, I guess. Except I am in housewifey mode lately. Even searched for my copy of Speed Cleaning, a book gift , given to me last year ( in jest? ). Found it hidden in the pantry..

I read the book, looking for ways to remove rust from our carpet – found you needed CLR. What the !!?? What is CLR?

The Glossary told me it stood for Calcium-Lime-Rust and could be purchased at the supermarket.

I bought it today and also ended up buying several other nifty cleaning things – who knew that the cleaning aisle in the supermarket could be fun to shop!

And, yes the CLR, removed the rust.

Happy Feast Day!


Educating the whole person

A quote from an interview with Sr Enrica Rosanna, the first woman Under-Secretary to a Vatican Congregation.

You can see the whole interview here.

Jonathon and I both picked up on this statement – an aha moment.

“ is really the first step in vocational maturity…What is education? Helping someone constitute himself or herself as a person.”


Our Lady of Walsingham

Feast day ~ September 24.

Years ago, before son number 7 was born, we met an elderly man at a Latin Mass. This gentleman came up to us after Mass and we struck up a conversation. He was from the UK and had a special devotion to Our Lady of Walsingham. And, later, shared extra information and books with us, about this Feast day and this shrine.

Today, we are adding to the notebooks of Our Lady, adding an entry about Our Lady of Walsingham.

A trip down memory lane.

I’d love to visit the shrine, one day…

Hopefully, today’s work makes up for yesterday’s hilarious reflections on St Vincent de Paul – our Saints book wrote, of this Saint, ” When he grew up and became famous, he loved to tell people how he had taken care of his father’s pigs. Because he was intelligent, his father sent him to school:…”.
My kids laughed – what a great conversationalist ( Hi, I used to tend pigs!!) and , obviously, the smart kids went to school while the dumb kids were homeschooled! lol!
Now, I know this is a mis-reading of the text, but we couldn’t help ourselves.
St Vincent de Paul, pray for us.


Cindy has a post on journals and beauty. She is dragging out her watercolour pencils, to use in her planner.

I have an occasional journal, a diary and a daily To Do list. Recently, I have written my daily To Do list in a notebook – a Barbie notebook. I have been writing in the book in bright coloured felt pens ( textas).

Cute. Fun. Brightens up the “have tos”.

They say that tacky is the new black.

Definitely. For diaries and clothes ( you should see some of my clothes! lol! Like my Rolling Stones t shirt today…A present from my dh…)

In a house of mostly males, I need a little Barbie!


We had some discussion on priests and on vocations to the priesthood. I found this quote to share with the kids ~ “He who honours a priest, honours Christ, and he who insults a priest, insults Christ.” St. John Chrysostom

Makes one think, right?

We also began a novena honouring St Therese of Lisieux – and searched online for a novena in honour of St Francis of Assisi.

What is a novena ? Nine days of devotion, to obtain special graces.

Well, we need all the prayers and graces we can get, so praying these novena prayers will be good for us!
The kids wrote in their journals, reflecting on the months of August and September. Thomas and Anthony did some drawing and cartooning, using a few of our how to books as guides. Alexander searched for songs on Youtube – someone complained , I sang “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” and this inspired his music search!
My workout was dance aerobics – Donna Richardson and Motown songs. Now, I’d never choose to listen to Motown but I will workout and sing along with this video workout! Can you see my shimmying in my family room? lol!
Maths and Latin, Kumon work for me, university work for Jonathon, then off to the Kumon Centre for work.

And time for a Numbers TV show episode tonight – probability and predictions.
Just another boring but happy day in unschooling!
P.S. The Today in in the post title was Monday – but this post appears on Tuesday as I am up late, surfing the internet. Oh, dear. guess who’ll be tired this Tuesday???

Our Lady and Notebooks

I have often toyed with the idea of keeping a notebook or lapbook or something similar, on the theme of Our Lady.
Adding to it throughout the liturgical year.

My thoughts never became action. That is, not until our little Catholic homeschool group met for the Feast of the Assumption. My turn to plan an activity.
We discussed the Assumption of Our Lady and prayed the Litany of Our Lady.. I gave each child a coloured file folder and some sheets to insert – the beginnings of the notebook.

The idea is to add some writing and/or artwork to the folder, throughout the year, as we celebrate the different Feasts of Our Lady.

Religion, Art, Reading, Writing, Discussion/Language Skills – and, perhaps, sometimes, Group or Collaborative Work.
And, most of all ~ a nice keepsake . As we learn about and honour the Blessed Mother.
On Wednesday, the boys added an entry to their notebooks – their choice, something on either the Holy Name of Mary or on Our Lady of Sorrows. We read and shared their entries.
Some entries are hand written and hand drawn, others are produced at the computer.
~ Ad Majorum Dei Gloriam ~

Our homeschooling this week

Woodwork and technology – building our Ikea furniture. We purchased the furniture Saturday, had it delivered Sunday. My dh is away and when he gets home, he is going to get a shock at our house makeover!

Give a girl (well, a homeschool mum) and some kids a spanner… Add some Joan Jett, Blondie and Fleetwood Mac while you build – and, hey, we have a new sitting room and dining room!

Thomas has been in hospital and, after work last night, the other kids and I visited – we took crisps, soft drink and chocolate for a post-operation party! Now, where were the Margaritas and G&T’s – thats right, at home!
And Anthony has been having geoboard fun. Very mathematical.