A Meeting of Catholic Homeschoolers…

…at my house, this morning.

We talked about the Assumption; about the Transfiguration and read about and participated in Reader’s Theatre related to the recent Feast day of Blessed Mary Makillop.

Morning tea was shared. A lot of yummy food! Probably too much for we calorie conscious mothers ( yes, diet and exercise was part of the adult discussion!). And I made pikelets , an Aussie food in honour of the Aussie saint.

Some kids worked on the life cycle of a monarch buttefly ( metamorphosis – a scientifc example of transfiguration??). Alexander did a little research on the roots and meaning of the word Transfiguration.

Definition. Root Latin; Trans, meaning across, & figura, meaning shape, form, or picture.

Noun. 1. A striking change in appearance, character, or circumstance, a
2. A change made so as to exalt or glorify.

St. John Damascene Homily on the Transfiguration,
It was not of tents that the Master consituted thee [Peter ] the orderer, but of the Universal Church. Thy disciples, THY SHEEP, which the Good Shepherd entrusted to thee as head, have fulfilled thy desire [to make tents on the Mount of Transfiguration]. They have raised one tent to Christ, one to Moses and Elias, and NOW WE celebrate our feasts HERE.

Other children began work on a notebook of Our Lady – making a cover, working on a page/entry for the Assumption, their choice. We hope to add to this notebook throughout the year, as the Feast days of Our Lady are celebrated during the liturgical year.

I think it is a good thing for all ages to come together and celebrate the Feast days, our life in the Church.

And very good for we homeschooling mothers to share our journey.


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