Look what I made today….

A large, rectangular, lemon meringue pie.

I used to make these regularly, when we were blessed with an abundant supply of lemons. Haven’t made one in over three or four years! But I promised the kids that I would bake a lemon meringue pie~ so here, it is , made on a homeschool morning and finished just before work…

I don’t want to know how many calories there are in one square!!

7 thoughts on “Look what I made today….”

  1. lol! re the real lemons!And thanx for Anny’s bday wishes…I’ll try tp put up some pics tonight. Pics of Tuesday’s dinner and Wed’s cake. He has a ten pin bowling party tomorrow!

  2. Ah, but Leonie the calories DON’T count if you made it for someone else … happy birthday Anthony and enjoy a slice for me …One of my dad’s favorite pies was LM — maybe I should make one in his memory; but RECTANGULAR?????

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