I finished it!

Oh my gosh, I just finished “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”!

A really, really good book. Very sad. Very powerful.

And I am feeling sorrowful at the close of the series. I want to go back and

re-read every book again…..

A favourite quote ~ you know, I have to share quotes

“Because”, said Harry, before Hermione could answer, “sometimes you’ve got to think about more than your own safety! Sometimes, you’ve got to think about the greater good!..”

I have got to know these characters so well, that I have tears in my eyes now, as I type these words and remember the sacrifices of characters, in the novel.

A good book touches your soul, doesn’t it?

16 thoughts on “I finished it!”

  1. Sabine and I were talking about Harry’s willingness to give his life….also, about King’s Cross. So much symbolism! I’ll also miss the characters – but not for a while, since I’m re-reading as well, LOL!

  2. I like the cover on your AU edition of HP. I haven’t read the book yet but my kids felt the same way you did…. sad that they had reached the end. Oh well, at least we can reread, and wait for the movies to come out : ).

  3. Oh, Leonie, I know that feeling, of missing the book once it is over. Sometimes I make myself slow down to savor. I have two friend thus far that finished the whole of the last book in ONE SITTING. And that was not their plan, but there it went!Yes, I will try HP again.. I have to!Thanks for the thoughts- and cheer up, he will always be on your bookshelf.. πŸ™‚

  4. Wasn’t it simply great? But simply heartbreaking!I finished the book yesterday evening and was perfectly miserable until I imagined up an alternate scenario where everybody lived.At the end of the epilogue when Harry thinks how: “All is well,” I could hardly agree. I was to immersed in feeling that all was miserable, with the combination of so many deaths and the end of the series.

  5. Yes, everyone, it was a good, very good book. I could barely get ready for bed last night, re-living some of the events, imagining the characters’ choices and thoughts….That is why Ii love reading ! You figure many things out while immersed in a good book~!Beate, Jonathon is re-reading The Prisoner of Azkaban. Willa, this cover is the adult cover – HP is released with two different covers here.Cindy, I hope you enjoy the stories, Rowling is a good storyteller. Mary-Therese, I didn’t like the Epilogue. Simply because I was still immersed in the the events and secrets of the last few chapters. πŸ™‚

  6. I truly loved this book! I woke many nights this past week with HP and his companions on my mind. My oldest came up with an interesting thought on the symbolism of the Deathly Hallows, I’ll see if she’ll write something up for me to share!

  7. Sabine, I am still thinkin/talking HP. πŸ™‚ I’d be interested in readin your dd’s comments – Alexander and I have had a long discussion this morning on Snape. Dumbledore and morality and ethics. Good and bad. One thing I like about Rowling’s characters is that they are real, with flaws and all, people you feel you get to know and thus discuss their choices, for good or for bad….

  8. *spoiler alert* :-)I haven’t thought too much about that aspect, I’d have to say my first gut reaction is that would not be morally acceptable since it was planned out. Now if it had happened that Draco was going to do it and it had to be done and Snape did it in the heat of the moment then that would be different but I’ll go back and re-read all of that as I know I am a little confused on some of the details. What did you think?Not that we didn’t know this but to have this theme in a modern children’s lit. book is very cool. I was struck by how Harry’s mom’s willingness to give up her life had such a huge ripple effect on the characters throughout the series.

  9. **spoilers on the same vein** I’d say it was a definite moral wrong for Snape to kill Dumbledore… even though it was planned previously (in other words, Dumbledore wanted it), it was still a murder. I had a hard time with it when I read the book, but I’ve managed to think it through and come to a conclusion that satisfies me. You can read my thoughts at my blog (

  10. I’m off to read your POV! :-)**Spoliers****I think Snape has alwyas been a character with confused morals, partly perhaps because of his uprbnringing and need to be accpeted? I think D. was wrong to ask this of Snape, for the greater good, but can liken S’s actions to the choices a spy has to make in war time, for example…I also think that D. missed a good chance to help S. morally, while Harry chooses not to kill just to achieve the desired end. He calls V. to remorse…Anyway, Sabine, I’m with you, its a great to have chldrens book that brings up such issues, and I like theat the characters are not perfect, have flaws…

  11. My oldest, S., likened the Hallows to Faith, Hope and Love. I hadn’t thought of them that way but liked it! But now we are arguing about which is which πŸ™‚

  12. Here’s a rather interesting bit… in a recent interview about the seventh book Rowling likened the story of the Deathly Hallows to the Pardoner’s Tale by Chaucer. Going back and reading it again, I can see how it is similiar (I’m just a bit miffed with myself for not noticing it myself the first time… I spent a bit of time in March going over the Pardoner’s Tale).P.S. Sabine, please tell your daughter hello for me. We haven’t spoken since the old JITIY group fizzled out.

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