Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

We picked up our copy of the book this morning – we should have bought several copies as there is a waiting list of those wishing to read the book!

And, no, no-one wants to have it read aloud. At least, not right now.

They want, instead, to devour the book and then share, discuss, take the book apart….

Thomas is reading it first – curled up right now, in between folding the junk mail he delivers on the weekend.

Anthony has read the ending – and sent me text messages in answer to my queries of “Who dies??”.

Why text messages? Because no one else wants to hear the ending in advance.
🙂 Just Anny and Jonathon and me.

A happy weekend and week of reading, to all HP fans!

13 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”

  1. Wow.. fun times at your house.. nothing like a new book, the looking forward to, the actual reading, the sharing after.. enjoy and savor!

  2. Sarah and I have been passing the book back and forth today. Thankfully I’m reading a book by Alexandra Tolstoy to occupy me when it’s Sarah’s turn 😉 Btw, I loved the last movie – for th first time I liked one of the movies better than that particular book!

  3. Hi Beate and Cindy!Having a new book that we are all excited about is FUN! Beate, I liked the movie too – but the one miove that I really liked more than the book was the first one..

  4. What, no spoilers!! I’ve read three different spoiler sites and gotten three different sets of spoilers!! Guess I’ll have to get the book!! ; )

  5. I haven’t visited any blogs lately…Sam, Grace and, of course, Beate have finished HP VII while I’m like on page 66! LOL So far I love it and dh is away all week so that is perfect timing. Luckily, Jacob is also gone for the week, visiting Florida so I don’t have to fight him for our one copy 😉

  6. Yup – I finished and it was great!! One thing that I’ve loved about the series is the way the characters have developed. Also,imo, Rowlings did a great job of staying true to them. Sooo, Leonie, when you finish are we going to discuss the book 😉

  7. I’d love to talk books!! I’m only up to chapter 6 – we were loaned an extra copy last night, so I went to bed with the book after our ( kind) visitor left 🙂 Wow, so far it is a very fast paced book – and already two characters have died! And I still can’t believe that Snape is bad, sure there is some twist there.

  8. I’ll never tell, LOL! Just wait until the end! What I found interesting is the perspective various family members had of the characters – their opinions were definitely aligned according to age. I’m still waiting for Sabine and Sarah to finish.

  9. Only got time to read one more chapter yesterday, before I crashed into bed at midnight. But am enjoying the symbolism and the reminders of how bad it is to destroy a soul…

  10. Yes, and without love there can be no happiness – also, love’s redemptive power…Sabine and Sarah finished yesterday. We’re all a bit sad and hoping Rowling will write short stories or something…

  11. I can see I’ll be sad when the series is finished – Rowling’s a good storyteller. I finished the chapter on Kreacher’s tale last night and got sucked right into the whole story and connections.Hoping to read ore on the weekend.

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