The feast of St John the Baptist

..And Christmas in June! Well, Christmas pudding and custard and ice cream, that is.

John the Baptist was the precursor of Jesus, born six months before Christ. It is six months till Christmas and so we always have a little bit of Christmas on the feast of St John. Typically, pudding and custard.

Older son, Greg, sent me a text – he and his brothers in Adelaide also remembered the tradition and had Christmas cake last night, in honour of the feast.

Here is a summer pudding recipe, traditionally made in England on this feast day – cherry pudding decorated with flowers.

9 thoughts on “The feast of St John the Baptist”

  1. Marianne, the Catholic Culture website is good to check for up coming feast days and suggested activities. June 29 is the feast of St Peter and St Paul and June 30 the holy martyrs of Rome. I’ll check your blog, Jennifer, to see if you make that summer pudding! Its winter here. šŸ™‚

  2. Hey, that gives me and idea for next year! I don’t know whether it is pregnancy cravings or not, but I’ve been craving pudding…or maybe it has something to do with the musical Scrooge (with Albert Finney) arriving in the mail last week bought from ebay!! I’ve had all my christmas books out planning for December already…little did I know I could have cooked up a pud for this lovely feast!

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