You didn’t have them all together?

Tonight Gerry and I had a meeting with a financial advisor. Just organizing a few things.

This guy is our new advisor, here in Sydney.

He asked about children – how many total, how many dependents. I said 7 boys.

“You didn’t have them all together?” he asked.

I looked blank.

“Some are from Gerry’s first marriage, right?” he continued.

I was startled. I forgot that it can seem weird to some people, that yes, Gerry has 7 children but, yes, he has only been married once and, yes, I gave birth to all 7; I am the mother of all 7; that we are not a blended family… Not that there is something bad about a blended family but it is comical to find that a large family is assumed to be a blended family. To be told that I don’t look or act like a mother of a large family ( how am I supposed to act, btw? lol!).

The advisor took some convincing.

Then asked if were “good Catholics”.

I had to laugh.

7 thoughts on “You didn’t have them all together?”

  1. Ha ha.. funny story Leonie!I would say your financial advisor is a bit nosey! lol Here in the US one would probably be sued for asking such questions… That is funny, though, and yes large families are a rarety here, too. The other day after Mass on Father’s Day our pastor pointed out one of a very few large families we have (7 kids) and people gasped (in a nice way. :))I have noticed that at the Y as I meet new people outside my homeschooling or Catholic world- often though, it will be a family with one or two older kids.. then one or two youngers. It never crossed my mind when I met them that they were blended (as my neigbors are fairly secular and the had 2 kids, then another 13 years later…)But, so far they are all blended. Also the rate of divorced/remarried people I am meeting is running way over 50%.Well, glad you straightened him out.. and no you are not the stereotype of a mom to lots of little chicks… they are probably thinking a worn down house mum! You have zest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Interesting to read your experiences, Cindy.Ruth, its true, people are so funny – its probably good that he didn’t ask about what schools the kids go to! lol!

  3. Interesting how our western world perceives such “anomalies”!!! Good Catholics simply because you have 7 children… you should’ve said, Good Catholics, yes, because we believe, go to Mass and pray! see you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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