I’m home from surgery…

Went in yesterday and home today! The doctor has sent tissues off for pathology but his opinion is that everything is all clear! Deo Gratias!

And what did I come home to? A bedroom makeover and a fridge full of meals! Coffee cups, dark chocolate, a healthy living magazine, paintings, quilts, cushions, towels, candles, ornaments, yummy chocolate fudge squares and super dinners…..

Some friends – a bunch of lovely homeschool mothers and their daughters – had visited in the afternoon, while I was at the hospital and they cleaned, provided meals, re-decorated the bedroom for my homecoming. A complete surprise.

How nice! Thoughtful. Caring. Loving.
Thank you guys!

16 thoughts on “I’m home from surgery…”

  1. How fantastic of your men-folk to do that!!!! Super men!!!Leonie, I didn’t know you had to go in and have surgery…I would have liked to pray for you. Although I’m sure you had people praying for you…I shall pray for you now and in the following weeks.Love the bedroom make-over!

  2. Actually, Susan, it was done by a bunch of my homeschool friends!! And thank you so much for prayers. I am sore and resting right now ( in front of a computer, of course!).

  3. 🙂 i heard about the makeover, looks wonderful what i nice surprise :), im so happy you are back home and in good health leonie. Make sure you rest up, even though i know you cant keep still for long :PLove Kristine

  4. What lovely friends… oh, this is what it is all about.The room so so pretty and I love the soothing green. Enjoy the goodies and I want a very quick recovery, ok Leonie? I can’t wait for you to post to LBNM to see you ease back into your workouts and soon be 100%. 🙂

  5. The room is beautiful! Plus food already made – AND chocolate – WOW!! Lots of hugs from TX as well – I wish I could pop on over with some comfort food. Heal quickly …

  6. Thanks everyone – my friends are super! I’ve already done some thank you cards. :-)And you are all so nice, remembering me in prayers and thoughts and with your caring comments. At the moment it hurts to walk so Ii guess even my plans of gentle walking won’t work today – hmm, maybe I can do some upper body weights instead???

  7. I wish we could have popped on over to help out with the bedroom make-over! What a beaitiful surprise and a testament to the kind of friend you must be to your friends 🙂

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