How chocolate is made.

Here are our teens working on a chocolate activity, as part of Homeschool Group Learning today.

The teens are doing debating session 1, and joining in with the Juniors for How Things Work in session 2.

Here they are with a kindergarten project…Hey, there is a little bit of kindergarten in all of us! lol!

6 thoughts on “How chocolate is made.”

  1. Cool! Are you all back to chocolate? I thank you again for pointing us that direction. We had fun with our chocloate unit study last month. Did you all find the hershery chocoloate site with the video on how chcoloate is made?My fav part is when they harvested the almonds…. lol

  2. Your school looks yummy! I remember reading Teach Your Own and the analogy given that unschooling is like preschool all over again. I’ve been pondering that lately as my son approaches kindergarten. His friends are all going to public school and oooohhh the promises by catalogs! It’s good to see to see “preschool” at the other end of the spectrum.~Genevieve

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