St Rita

It was the feast day of St Rita last week, May 22.

I have a special intention for this week wrt medical tests and surgery on Friday, and am asking St Rita for her intercession. Perhaps you’ll join me in prayer? Thank you!


10 thoughts on “St Rita”

  1. I will be most happy to pray to St. Rita also … I had a Sr. Rita in high school and always think of her when St. Rita comes up …Blessings, hugs and prayers ….

  2. St Rita is such a great saint, if I can find some of the leaves from the tree such ‘watered back to life’ would you like me to post some for you? (they come from the monastery she lived in) and the miraculous tree is still alive and thriving today, supplying grapes for liturgical wine and leaves for the healing of the sick…

  3. St Rita is literally down the road from Assisi, so I’ll give her a yell from here for your special intentions (which I have also prayed at the Tomb of St Francis for)… God bless

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