Organization 3

The main bedroom was also cluttered. I had a very large old desk for my work desk for Kumon. Quite frankly, it was too large for this room. It fitted well in our last house, an old house in Adelaide. But it swamped the smaller main bedroom in this new, more modern house.

I came up with a solution. Remove the desk and use bookshelves to store all my Kumon supplies. I never actually plan at my desk anway. I used my desk for storage. I tend to do all my Kumon planning in the kitchen and family room, while the children are busy and so I can be available to help them with their activities.

These are the shelves – and, suddenly our bedroom room seems larger and the space is freed for our rowing machine( the treadmill is on the garage/activity room!) and for a framed photo collection.

Up to now, I have been reluctant to put up paintings and photos. We might move again, has been my thought. We have moved so frequently.
However, we have been here for two years so I am gradually getting brave enough to put down roots, to add paintings to the walls in this rented home.

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