Organization 2

Next step for organization was the upstairs landing. We store books on the landing and Thomas and Anthony also have toys there. They use the space to play with figures and lego – their own upstairs playing area. But the toys were everywhere – a nightmare to walk over during the night.

We bought toy shelves from Aldi and organized the upstairs toys. Then I added a Monet print, just to make the toy and play area visually appealing.

Marcus Aurelius
Beauty can be organized – at least, organized in that we can plan for beauty in our children’s rooms, to place good art prints and plan attractive areas for our children. These plans are not obvious, but the overall impression of a pleasant area does have an effect on the souls of our children.

And I hope some sense of my organizational skills rub off ~ here you can see a solution to all the numerous music books and sheets that were cluttering up the piano area. A large crate – easy to access and use, but looks neat. Tucked conveniently into the laundry.


6 thoughts on “Organization 2”

  1. Looks great, Leonie!Yes, there is beauty in organization.. I just posted about how good it felt to sit in an organized room and have a cup of tea. It quiet the soul.I think we in general have too much stuff.. and it can take away our peace. Simplicity is serenity.Put up some pictures…. please do. I loved the Monet I saw.When we moved out of our house to an apt 3 years back for mold…. I took selected items. Of course our books, games, etc. But I also took my favorite pictures and decor.I loved our little apt for those 3 months. It was so simple and pretty. I have known others who just took the bare neccesities and, yes it was simpler, but when I visited it looked like a college dorm- and they felt so ‘not at home’– they told me and I related.I was glad I made that small investment in homemaking even if we were there a short time.You are so good at moving and making your new places home.. I hope you are feeling settled now. Though I must admit I enjoyed moving too.. always a new adventure. But as I get older the allure lessens… :0

  2. Let me join you two. LOL. Blame it on spring. :)Seriously, we made a clean sweep of the little girls’ room a few weeks ago, repainted and decorated it. Now I’m cleaning up the hallway which has been my Mount Everest of Books far too long. 🙂

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