This is our tomatosphere project – growing tomatoes from seed. We enrolled in this Canadian based project for schools and educators. We are making observations and will work on projects and research.
Some seeds have been exposed to a simulated space environment; others haven’t. You do not know which seeds you receive…

Today is day 8 and look – the seeds are sprouting! Both samples.

This has rekindled our interest in gardening – hey, something you can grow, tend and eat.

The garden is a fertile ground of opportunities for families to grow together and learn more about each other while tending the garden.It offers the opportunity for adults and children to share ideas — to talk and, most importantly, to listen to each other and, by working together, to communicate the many messages that must be said without words.Gardening develops self-esteem, a sense of nurturing, and the quality of generosity. The garden is a wonderful family room!
From Pioneer Thinking.

Okay, the tomatosphere project is small but it is a start. We grow flowers, some vegetables and some herbs in our back yard. But container gardening, as with our tomatoes, is a new experiment.

A learning experience.

And I am inspired to search for other “learning gardens” .

Check out the Loveliness of Gardens Fair next week, for more ideas.


11 thoughts on “Tomatosphere”

  1. Yes – we used peat pots – and the plants have grown even taller now!And I agree – nice quote and simile in the Pioneer Thinking article.

  2. We are also doing Tomatosphere although the sprouting seeds are dwarfed by the seeds started for the garden. Somehow Fred is much more interested in the two little ones than the fifty or so others.

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