Anzac Day

Yesterday was Anzac Day.

ANZAC Day – 25 April – is an important national occasion. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The soldiers in those forces quickly became known as ANZACs, and the pride they soon took in that name endures to this day.

You can download a booklet for children for Anzac day history, ideas, activities.

We went to Mass for an Anzac Day service and then out for breakfast. Thomas and Anthony had to deliver the local paper and while I helped them deliver, we discussed the Anzacs, Julius Caesar, ancient Rome – a whole history discussion!

Later that day, after work on my Kumon newsletter and after the kids had a violent game of Greed :-), I needed to watch the training videos for CaFE – Catholic Faith Exploration, a programme our parish is running in July. I am helping with the presentations so needed to do these videos and take notes. Well, the kids ended up watching some with me, talking about the analogies and our faith. A natural learning religion session.

Thomas made Anzac biscuits to go with tea/coffee and we had a visitor over for an Aussie/English roast beef dinner for Anzac day. He quizzed the kids on Latin and religion and history – in a light hearted way. The kids did as well as usual. As in Star Wars…

“How are we doing?” Hans Solo in The Return of the Jedi.
“Same as usual” , Luke Skywalker replies.
” That bad, huh?”, said Hans.

But, I did well – I didn’t burn a thing – even the mini Yorkshire puddings and the apple crumble were cooked properly! A first??

A Public Holiday but still a day of learning, of fun, of talking, of cooking.

Homeschooling never really stops, does it?

5 thoughts on “Anzac Day”

  1. I miss Anzac Biscuits!!!! Hello fellow instructor. Just wondering if you’ll be joining this year’s Kao Conference in Malaysia???? I’ll be here to welcome you if you’re coming.

  2. i learned a lot during your national conference in Sydney in year 2003. We were so inspired that we presented in 2004 (1st KAO conference) in Cairns. Happy Anzac and thanks for dropping by my blog.

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