This morning’s activities….

Chocolate Maths – graphing Smarties. Practical statistics?

Solving a crime – maths from the DVD/TV series Numbers, using the free online curriculum from Texas Instruments. Thomas and Gerry finding the circumcentre.

The tomatosphere project – planting our seeds, setting up prediction statements and observation journals.

Oh, and getting ready for our Board of Studies visit this afternoon. A representative from the Board of Studies visited to discuss our programme and to complete the state’s homeschool registration ( homeschool legalities).

We had an interesting visit – the BOS guy just left. Lots of chatting and talking about science fiction, Stargate, Latin, the Church, politics…you name it.

And we have our registration for the next two years.

5 thoughts on “This morning’s activities….”

  1. Cindy – this was the chocolate maths from the unit study – of course, the kids ate the Smarties after ( and passed them onto the BOS visitor, too). And we are enjoying the Numbers DVD, too. Maria, have you and Cindy started the tomatosphere project yet?

  2. Hi Leonie – I tried posting yesterday, but blogger was being snooty πŸ˜‰ What a busy learning environment – I loved seeing all the dc’s projects πŸ™‚ My dd saw your blog a while back and said a chocolate study is definitely on her planning list! Phew – I’m glad you’re just starting the TS project – I was set to go a few weeks ago and then the dog ate the peat pots and I totally dropped it 😦 We watched the Num3ers about baseball last night – pretty interesting! I haven’t done any of the math yet, though. Maybe I’ll just do it for me….

  3. The chocolate study has been fun!And so far we have only done the one Maths activity from Numbers – but iwas interesting, no need to ask someone to do it, they were motivated after seeing the episode.

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